New Comfort Air Purifier Overview With Prices

During these challenging and dangerous times, a New Comfort Air purifier can help protect our family from the germs, bacteria, and viruses lurking around the air, ready to attack us. Luckily various brands and companies release a line of quality air humidifiers that includes an impressive and magnificent feature to improve our air environment. New Comfort air purifier provides the latest models of air filter machines that can be your health care companion inside your home.

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If you’re seeking a list of recommendable New Comfort air purifiers on the market, this article is for you. We listed three new comfort air purifier overview with prices for you to choose from.

What are air purifiers?

The indoor air purification function filters the air inside your home, generating the house atmosphere to release and provide a clean and safe breathing environment.

What are the types of air purifiers?

Before jumping on the list of air purifier brands, you need to know first the three types of air purifiers available in the market, and how you should use them.

Desktop air purifiers

These types of air purifiers are the smallest and most portable models. Commonly they are perfect to use in smaller areas of our home, like the office, baby room, study area, or lounge room.

Console air purifiers

These air purifiers, shaped like a console, are perfect for mid-sized to large areas. Most console air purifiers can effectively filter the air in a 300 sq ft space. Console air purifiers are silent devices that function well while adding an eye-pleasing visual of your indoor environment. They are easy to install on the flooring of your house.

Tower air purifiers

These air purifiers can reach up to three feet in height. They are called Tower air purifiers. Unlike console models, the models of this air humidifier are primarily tall, slim designs that are suitable to place in every corner of the room. Other larger designs include portable wheels features.

New Comfort Air Purifiers

New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier

Price: US $189.98

Even the most pungent smells and odors, such as cigarettes, tobacco smoke, and animal odors, are eliminated. New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier is designed to keep your air fresh and clean while eliminating the risk of viruses. It can provide a power of 3000 mg/hr of Ozone or O3 for cleaning smoke odors, pet odors, pesticides, fume odors, molds, viruses, acrylic odors, kitchen odors, decaying objects, and more.

New Comfort 03-700 generates sufficient ozone to clean areas prone to bacteria and foul odors. This commercial-grade air cleaner is suitable for work such as Food Services, Restaurants, Bars, Motel, Restrooms, Rental Properties, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Construction, and others. It was designed to take on the most challenging cleaning tasks. New Comfort 03-700 can accumulate Up to 4500 square feet of coverage. It Has a feature of an Auto-shutoff timer for 60 minutes. Many corporations use them since they can set the timer and keep it running until it shuts off by itself.

New Comfort CA3500

Price: US $329.99

New Comfort CA3500 can accumulate Up to 4500 square feet of coverage. It can remove 99.97% of micron particles using its HEPA filter. This model includes a UV-C light that kills viruses and germs. New Comfort CA3500 air purifier & ionizer has a washable HEPA filter and an ozone generator that eliminates disgusting odors and purifies the air inside your home.

The UVC light is the New Comfort air purifier’s known to some consumers. Ultraviolet disinfecting radiation from the bulbs kills even the tiniest microbes. According to an FDA study, even Coronavirus is affected by this light. UV-C radiation is a tried-and-true technology used to sanitize the air in clinics and different institutions for decades.

Of course, there’s no assurance that when you expose yourself to UV-C lights, it will automatically keep you from contracting a virus and diseases. However, it will be a great addition to improving the overall air quality and eliminating the majority of germs and viruses present in your home.

New Comfort Odor Black BL3000

Price: US $375.29

This model features carbon charcoal filtration. Charcoal filters have been shown to help eliminate foul odors from the air inside your home. New Comfort Odor Black BL3000 has Adjustable negative ion generators that remove Smoke, pollutants, allergies, bacteria, and viruses, which can lead to a range of complicated health issues. It may be turned on and off and adjusted to different levels.

The model’s HEPA Filter consists of a long-lasting, washable filter system. New Comfort Odor Black BL3000 can accumulate a Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.): 3500. This model includes a 5-speed fan that can be set on maximum air filtration or function quietly so that you can sleep comfortably while the machine is running.


How to use New Comfort air purifiers?

Connect it to the power source, then power it on. The fan installed inside the machine could be manually set to three-speed ranges. If you prefer to get rid of these foul odors in your home, you can also turn on an ozone generator (O3).

What is the best way to clean New Comfort air filters?

First, use a vacuum cleaner to wash the generator’s filters. Then run the filter under warm water multiple times. repeat this process until the water is clear and the filters have been fully washed. Before reinstalling the filters back inside the air purifier, make sure they are totally dry.


Air purifiers are a fascinating technology worth investing in, especially if you are concerned about the cleanliness of the air circling your house. This equipment can filter the air in your home, eliminating all pollutants, including odors, cigarette smoke, dirt, and pet odors. But keep in mind that even these air filter machines could be your health care companion inside the house. Still, they are not for everyone. Since its primary purpose is to produce ozone, it may be harmful to you and your kids’ health if they have asthma or other respiratory complications. Another disadvantage of using an air purifier is the high expense of maintenance.

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