UV Light in Air Purifier How it Works

Air purification is increasingly becoming a necessity in modern homes. It is a reliable defence against polluted air no matter where you live. The new UV light air purifiers are an effective measure to purify the air in homes. Ultraviolet light has been utilized for disinfecting air, water, and surfaces. It is also effective at removing the airborne microbes and for improving the quality of air within indoors and closed spaces. Read the article and go through the information given below to find out an answer to the question “UV LIGHT IN AIR PURIFIER: HOW IT WORKS?”.

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Ultraviolet light-based air purifiers utilize this ultra-short-wave component of ultraviolet light for activating and reducing airborne microorganisms and pathogens (including viruses, bacteria, and molds). Just like other kinds of air purifiers and the other technologies in the segment, the main goal of a UV light-based air purifier is also to reduce the air pollutants inside closed spaces. The other name for this new technology is Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). There are also other air purifiers that may have this UV light technology. However, not all of them may use the technology for removing air pollutants.


Light is a composition of photons that may be divided into visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength varying between 100 to 400 nm. The fragment of light has been recognized for its effectiveness in sterilizing and disinfecting spaces, medical equipment, as well as sensitive equipment (including scientific equipment). The modern irradiative cleaning and sanitation systems include UV light technology, and it has both commercial and residential applications.


Ultraviolet light can be further classified into UV A (315 to 400 nm), UV B (280 to 315 nm), and UV C (100 to 280 nm) fragments. The UV C section of ultraviolet light is responsible for its sterilization and disinfectant attributes and qualities. The ultraviolet light section is denser in energy when compared to visible light. It can therefore damage any molecules on which it falls. The light may act on the DNA of the microorganisms, thereby killing them. Ultraviolet light is also damaging to the skin tissues of humans and therefore should be avoided.


The UV light-based air purifiers have a UV lamp. This lamp bombards the microorganisms and their DNA with high-energy light, thereby destroying or inactivating microorganisms. The source of the light and the UV radiation may be quartz or phosphor. UV light may not be visible to humans or may have a bluish color, depending on the source. The UV light-based air purifiers used in homes contain mercury lamps, which emit ultraviolet light having a wavelength somewhere around 254 nm.

The UV light-based air purifiers do not make any noise and are also odorless in most instances. The purification systems are a combination of a filter (for instance a HEPA filter) as well as a forced-air system. Therefore, UV-based air purification systems are a combination of technologies. The UV lamp works along with other filters and technologies to provide the best benefits and the cleanest air. Just like all other things, UV bulbs also have a definite life. Depending on the make, model, and use of the UV lamp and air purifier, it may require a replacement every year.


The HEPA filters that are contained in the UV light-based air purifiers are washable. The filters can reduce particles of size by 0.3 microns or more. Therefore, UV light-based air purifiers can easily remove all the dust particles and particulates and remove harmful pathogens, bacteria, and mold. However, the HEPA filter may also require a replacement in between 6 months to a maximum of one year, depending on its use, make, and model.

Some of the new UV light-based air purifiers also have additional filters and pre-filters. The pre-filter can remove the large particle (for instance hair) from the air, while all kinds of unpleasant odors are removed by the carbon filter. These parts of a UV light-based air filter also require a replacement from time to time.


The new UV light best air purifiers consist of an ozone generator as well, which is located inside the main unit. The ozone generator will create and release ozone particles into the air. The primary reason this ozone generator is used is that it can remove all kinds of unpleasant odors and false smells from all home areas (including bathrooms and kitchens). It freshens the indoor air and provides a better living experience.


UV light-based air purifiers are effective against molds, bacteria, as well as viruses. There are certain molds, spores, and bacteria that may resist UV radiation better than the others. A high dose of UV light and radiation is required for killing such persistent bacteria and molds. An excellent quality UV light-based air purifier can better kill such persistent microorganisms and molds. These air purifiers may work constantly and therefore a prolonged exposure results in clean and healthy air.

Air purification through an ultraviolet light-based air purifier can also remove the chemical fumes, allergens, pet dander, dust as well as cigarette smoke to a great extent. However, there are certain solid particles and dangerous gases that cannot be removed/reduced by UV radiation and the emitting source. However, allergies may still be caused even after the allergen is deactivated. Therefore, the UV light-based air purifiers may not be entirely effective and reduce asthma and allergy in all cases. Still, cleaning the air with a UV light-based air purifier can reduce the chances to a great extent as it cleans the air and makes it healthy and fit for breathing and living.


Various kinds of UV light-based air purifiers are available today and you may have to choose based on the room size. The filters are effective at removing bacteria and viruses and small and large particles including dust. They can also generate ozone, which is good for the environment and provides for the removal of bad smells and odors.

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