Mooka Air Purifier – Navigating Clean Air: The Pros and Cons

Navigating Clean Air: The Pros and Cons of the Mooka Air Purifier

In the quest for healthier living spaces, air purifiers have become essential appliances. The Mooka Air Purifier is a popular choice, boasting advanced features and promising to enhance indoor air quality. In this article, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of the Mooka Air Purifier, helping you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your home.


  1. High-Efficiency Filtration: The Mooka Air Purifier is equipped with a multi-layered filtration system, including a True HEPA filter. This high-efficiency filter captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively removing common allergens, dust, pet dander, and even some bacteria from the air.
  2. Activated Carbon Filter for Odor Removal: Beyond allergens, the Mooka Air Purifier features an activated carbon filter designed to tackle unpleasant odors. This is particularly beneficial for homes with pets, smokers, or cooking odors, as it helps create a more pleasant living environment.
  3. Quiet Operation: Users appreciate the Mooka Air Purifier for its relatively quiet operation. The low noise level makes it suitable for bedrooms, offices, or any space where a peaceful atmosphere is desired. This ensures minimal disruption to daily activities or sleep.
  4. Compact and Portable Design: The Mooka Air Purifier is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room. Its sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly with various decor styles, and the portability ensures that you can enjoy clean air wherever you go within your living space.
  5. Energy-Efficient Operation: Mooka has designed its air purifier to be energy-efficient. The appliance typically consumes low power, which can be a positive factor for users looking to minimize their energy consumption and environmental impact.


  1. Limited Coverage Area: One potential drawback of the Mooka Air Purifier is its limited coverage area. While suitable for smaller rooms, it may struggle to effectively purify the air in larger living spaces. Users with open-concept homes or spacious rooms may need multiple units for comprehensive coverage.
  2. Filter Replacement Costs: Like many air purifiers, the Mooka model requires periodic filter replacements. While the True HEPA and activated carbon filters are effective, the replacement costs can accumulate over time. Users should factor in ongoing maintenance expenses when considering this air purifier.
  3. Basic Features: Some users may find the Mooka Air Purifier lacking in advanced features that are present in higher-end models. While it effectively cleans the air, it may not include features such as smart technology, air quality sensors, or programmable timers that are available in other models in the market.
  4. Noisy at Higher Speeds: While the Mooka Air Purifier is generally quiet during regular operation, users may notice increased noise levels at higher fan speeds. This could be a consideration for individuals who prefer a completely silent environment.


The Mooka Air Purifier offers a range of benefits, including efficient filtration, compact design, and quiet operation. However, potential users should weigh these advantages against its limitations, such as the need for filter replacements and its suitability for larger spaces. Understanding the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision on whether the Mooka Air Purifier aligns with your specific air purification needs and preferences.

UV Light in Air Purifier How it Works

Air purification is increasingly becoming a necessity in modern homes. It is a reliable defence against polluted air no matter where you live. The new UV light air purifiers are an effective measure to purify the air in homes. Ultraviolet light has been utilized for disinfecting air, water, and surfaces. It is also effective at removing the airborne microbes and for improving the quality of air within indoors and closed spaces. Read the article and go through the information given below to find out an answer to the question “UV LIGHT IN AIR PURIFIER: HOW IT WORKS?”.

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Ultraviolet light-based air purifiers utilize this ultra-short-wave component of ultraviolet light for activating and reducing airborne microorganisms and pathogens (including viruses, bacteria, and molds). Just like other kinds of air purifiers and the other technologies in the segment, the main goal of a UV light-based air purifier is also to reduce the air pollutants inside closed spaces. The other name for this new technology is Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). There are also other air purifiers that may have this UV light technology. However, not all of them may use the technology for removing air pollutants.


Light is a composition of photons that may be divided into visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength varying between 100 to 400 nm. The fragment of light has been recognized for its effectiveness in sterilizing and disinfecting spaces, medical equipment, as well as sensitive equipment (including scientific equipment). The modern irradiative cleaning and sanitation systems include UV light technology, and it has both commercial and residential applications.


Ultraviolet light can be further classified into UV A (315 to 400 nm), UV B (280 to 315 nm), and UV C (100 to 280 nm) fragments. The UV C section of ultraviolet light is responsible for its sterilization and disinfectant attributes and qualities. The ultraviolet light section is denser in energy when compared to visible light. It can therefore damage any molecules on which it falls. The light may act on the DNA of the microorganisms, thereby killing them. Ultraviolet light is also damaging to the skin tissues of humans and therefore should be avoided.


The UV light-based air purifiers have a UV lamp. This lamp bombards the microorganisms and their DNA with high-energy light, thereby destroying or inactivating microorganisms. The source of the light and the UV radiation may be quartz or phosphor. UV light may not be visible to humans or may have a bluish color, depending on the source. The UV light-based air purifiers used in homes contain mercury lamps, which emit ultraviolet light having a wavelength somewhere around 254 nm.

The UV light-based air purifiers do not make any noise and are also odorless in most instances. The purification systems are a combination of a filter (for instance a HEPA filter) as well as a forced-air system. Therefore, UV-based air purification systems are a combination of technologies. The UV lamp works along with other filters and technologies to provide the best benefits and the cleanest air. Just like all other things, UV bulbs also have a definite life. Depending on the make, model, and use of the UV lamp and air purifier, it may require a replacement every year.


The HEPA filters that are contained in the UV light-based air purifiers are washable. The filters can reduce particles of size by 0.3 microns or more. Therefore, UV light-based air purifiers can easily remove all the dust particles and particulates and remove harmful pathogens, bacteria, and mold. However, the HEPA filter may also require a replacement in between 6 months to a maximum of one year, depending on its use, make, and model.

Some of the new UV light-based air purifiers also have additional filters and pre-filters. The pre-filter can remove the large particle (for instance hair) from the air, while all kinds of unpleasant odors are removed by the carbon filter. These parts of a UV light-based air filter also require a replacement from time to time.


The new UV light best air purifiers consist of an ozone generator as well, which is located inside the main unit. The ozone generator will create and release ozone particles into the air. The primary reason this ozone generator is used is that it can remove all kinds of unpleasant odors and false smells from all home areas (including bathrooms and kitchens). It freshens the indoor air and provides a better living experience.


UV light-based air purifiers are effective against molds, bacteria, as well as viruses. There are certain molds, spores, and bacteria that may resist UV radiation better than the others. A high dose of UV light and radiation is required for killing such persistent bacteria and molds. An excellent quality UV light-based air purifier can better kill such persistent microorganisms and molds. These air purifiers may work constantly and therefore a prolonged exposure results in clean and healthy air.

Air purification through an ultraviolet light-based air purifier can also remove the chemical fumes, allergens, pet dander, dust as well as cigarette smoke to a great extent. However, there are certain solid particles and dangerous gases that cannot be removed/reduced by UV radiation and the emitting source. However, allergies may still be caused even after the allergen is deactivated. Therefore, the UV light-based air purifiers may not be entirely effective and reduce asthma and allergy in all cases. Still, cleaning the air with a UV light-based air purifier can reduce the chances to a great extent as it cleans the air and makes it healthy and fit for breathing and living.


Various kinds of UV light-based air purifiers are available today and you may have to choose based on the room size. The filters are effective at removing bacteria and viruses and small and large particles including dust. They can also generate ozone, which is good for the environment and provides for the removal of bad smells and odors.

New Comfort Air Purifier Overview With Prices

During these challenging and dangerous times, a New Comfort Air purifier can help protect our family from the germs, bacteria, and viruses lurking around the air, ready to attack us. Luckily various brands and companies release a line of quality air humidifiers that includes an impressive and magnificent feature to improve our air environment. New Comfort air purifier provides the latest models of air filter machines that can be your health care companion inside your home.

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If you’re seeking a list of recommendable New Comfort air purifiers on the market, this article is for you. We listed three new comfort air purifier overview with prices for you to choose from.

What are air purifiers?

The indoor air purification function filters the air inside your home, generating the house atmosphere to release and provide a clean and safe breathing environment.

What are the types of air purifiers?

Before jumping on the list of air purifier brands, you need to know first the three types of air purifiers available in the market, and how you should use them.

Desktop air purifiers

These types of air purifiers are the smallest and most portable models. Commonly they are perfect to use in smaller areas of our home, like the office, baby room, study area, or lounge room.

Console air purifiers

These air purifiers, shaped like a console, are perfect for mid-sized to large areas. Most console air purifiers can effectively filter the air in a 300 sq ft space. Console air purifiers are silent devices that function well while adding an eye-pleasing visual of your indoor environment. They are easy to install on the flooring of your house.

Tower air purifiers

These air purifiers can reach up to three feet in height. They are called Tower air purifiers. Unlike console models, the models of this air humidifier are primarily tall, slim designs that are suitable to place in every corner of the room. Other larger designs include portable wheels features.

New Comfort Air Purifiers

New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier

Price: US $189.98

Even the most pungent smells and odors, such as cigarettes, tobacco smoke, and animal odors, are eliminated. New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier is designed to keep your air fresh and clean while eliminating the risk of viruses. It can provide a power of 3000 mg/hr of Ozone or O3 for cleaning smoke odors, pet odors, pesticides, fume odors, molds, viruses, acrylic odors, kitchen odors, decaying objects, and more.

New Comfort 03-700 generates sufficient ozone to clean areas prone to bacteria and foul odors. This commercial-grade air cleaner is suitable for work such as Food Services, Restaurants, Bars, Motel, Restrooms, Rental Properties, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Construction, and others. It was designed to take on the most challenging cleaning tasks. New Comfort 03-700 can accumulate Up to 4500 square feet of coverage. It Has a feature of an Auto-shutoff timer for 60 minutes. Many corporations use them since they can set the timer and keep it running until it shuts off by itself.

New Comfort CA3500

Price: US $329.99

New Comfort CA3500 can accumulate Up to 4500 square feet of coverage. It can remove 99.97% of micron particles using its HEPA filter. This model includes a UV-C light that kills viruses and germs. New Comfort CA3500 air purifier & ionizer has a washable HEPA filter and an ozone generator that eliminates disgusting odors and purifies the air inside your home.

The UVC light is the New Comfort air purifier’s known to some consumers. Ultraviolet disinfecting radiation from the bulbs kills even the tiniest microbes. According to an FDA study, even Coronavirus is affected by this light. UV-C radiation is a tried-and-true technology used to sanitize the air in clinics and different institutions for decades.

Of course, there’s no assurance that when you expose yourself to UV-C lights, it will automatically keep you from contracting a virus and diseases. However, it will be a great addition to improving the overall air quality and eliminating the majority of germs and viruses present in your home.

New Comfort Odor Black BL3000

Price: US $375.29

This model features carbon charcoal filtration. Charcoal filters have been shown to help eliminate foul odors from the air inside your home. New Comfort Odor Black BL3000 has Adjustable negative ion generators that remove Smoke, pollutants, allergies, bacteria, and viruses, which can lead to a range of complicated health issues. It may be turned on and off and adjusted to different levels.

The model’s HEPA Filter consists of a long-lasting, washable filter system. New Comfort Odor Black BL3000 can accumulate a Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.): 3500. This model includes a 5-speed fan that can be set on maximum air filtration or function quietly so that you can sleep comfortably while the machine is running.


How to use New Comfort air purifiers?

Connect it to the power source, then power it on. The fan installed inside the machine could be manually set to three-speed ranges. If you prefer to get rid of these foul odors in your home, you can also turn on an ozone generator (O3).

What is the best way to clean New Comfort air filters?

First, use a vacuum cleaner to wash the generator’s filters. Then run the filter under warm water multiple times. repeat this process until the water is clear and the filters have been fully washed. Before reinstalling the filters back inside the air purifier, make sure they are totally dry.


Air purifiers are a fascinating technology worth investing in, especially if you are concerned about the cleanliness of the air circling your house. This equipment can filter the air in your home, eliminating all pollutants, including odors, cigarette smoke, dirt, and pet odors. But keep in mind that even these air filter machines could be your health care companion inside the house. Still, they are not for everyone. Since its primary purpose is to produce ozone, it may be harmful to you and your kids’ health if they have asthma or other respiratory complications. Another disadvantage of using an air purifier is the high expense of maintenance.

Holmes Air Purifier Reviews With Models

Holmes air purifiers are designed to help you improve indoor air quality. They feature high-efficiency air filters that reduce the exposure to airborne pollutants like dust mites, pollen, mold, and bacteria. The general reputation around the brand is quality and performance. Let’s look at the top Holmes air purifier reviews with models.

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This model is designed to help you eliminate more than 99% of allergens at home like mold, pet dander, pollen, smoke, and more. It features an optimal ionizer that captures small particles (0.2 microns). Additionally, the air purifier provides a 70 Clean Air Delivery Rate (CDR) and comes with three customizable speed settings to suit your needs.

This air purifier can suit most rooms of up to 109 square feet. And depending on your needs, you can place it vertically or horizontally. To access the filters, you simply remove the pop-up cover. The manufacturer recommends that you replace them every six to seven months.

Holmes desktop HEPA-type filter Air purifier is suitable for 10 by 10-foot room. For continued air purification, you should select a lower setting. If you’re away from home, you should set a higher setting. One feature that makes this unit unique is the quietness at a higher speed.

The ionizer helps to remove dust, smoke, and pollen.


* Dual positioning design

* Comes with three-speed settings

* There’s an optional ionizer

* Can be used in small and medium rooms


* There are concerns about durability


This is a large room air purifier designed to eliminate 99.9% of allergens. It features a large design, thus perfect for family rooms, bedrooms, and any other living space (up to 349 square feet). The kdzkc model provides 225 CDR, while the speed settings allow you to set the purifier in different conditions.

To reduce odor in your home, this model has three replacement filters. And when it’s time to recharge, the purifier shows a series of lights.


* Comes with multiple speeds

* Space-saving design

* Quiet operation

* Comes with an electric monitor filter


* A bit heavy


The HAP 601-U model is designed for rooms up to 120 square feet. It features an air purifier that removes 99% of air particles like dust, mold, smoke, and pet dander. Also, it comes with an ionizer that captures 0.2 microns. The clean air delivery rate is 72.

One thing that makes this model unique is that it allows for 360-degree air intake – all angles. It also operates quietly, so it won’t disturb your goodnight’s sleep. If the air purifier needs charging, the unit shows an indicator light.


* Allows for dual positioning

* Whisper quiet at low setting

* There are three-speed levels to choose from

* The slim design makes it take less space


* The filter for this model is harder to find


This unit helps to remove over 99.97% of particles of smoke, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and odor. It comes with three cleaning speeds to keep the air pure in your home. Depending on your needs, you can select a lower speed or higher for maximum purification. Unlike comparable models, this unit features an Aer1 performance plus HEPA filter. This makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

The slim design is perfect for desktop use. However, you can place it horizontally to suit your space. It’s recommended for rooms up to 109 square feet. This makes it the perfect gift for the family.

Holmes air purifier comes with an optional ionizer to filter out the negative ions.


* Lightweight design

* Three-speed levels

* Alerts you when out of power

* Dual positioning – easier to spot on a desk


* Short-lived lifespan


This is a console-sized unit designed to eliminate 99.97% microns of dust, smoke, pollen, and mold. It filters particles that are as low as two microns from your home or office. Apart from that, you can choose any of the three cleaning speeds to keep the air fresh in your home. The lower speed is suitable for continued purification, while the higher speed is for maximum purification.

This air purifier features a unique design, making it perfect for table or desktop use. It works perfectly on rooms of up to 109 square feet. The optional filter helps to eliminate the negative ions that bind dust, smoke, and pollen. It’s compatible with Aer 1 air filters and replaces D-filter, A-filter, and K-filter.

Unlike comparable models, this unit gives 10X odor-fighting power. It eliminates household odors like dirty laundry, tobacco, cooking fumes, and laundry.


Holmes air purifier comes with four cleaning speeds. There’s a low motor setting and advanced blade. And because the unit has a specially designed HEPA filter, it guarantees quiet operation without interruption.

The space-saving design makes it suitable for family rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. There’s even an LED monitor that shows when it’s time to recharge the unit.

Another feature that makes the filter unique is that it doesn’t need a replacement. The optional ionizer helps in particle removal.


* Allows you to set four cleaning speeds

* Space-saving design

* Comes with an LED monitor

* The timer shows how long the purifier will run


* Considerably loud at high speed


This style-tower air purifier removes up to 99% of dust particles including pollen, dust, and mold spores. It features a slim design – you can place it anywhere in the house. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the three-speed settings. The light-setting comes in handy if you want to clean at a slower rate. On the other hand, the highest setting will work faster, creating some hum in the room.

Another feature that makes this unit unique is that it will notify you if the filter needs to be changed. There’s also an optional ionizer that helps to remove the unwanted particles.


* It comes with three-speed levels

* Optional ionizer setting

* Filter alert system


* Not the best bedroom units – it can be considerably loud


Holmes air purifiers help to keep your outdoor space clean. They capture more than 99% of borne pollutants – pollen, dust, and bacteria. This brand combines small, medium, and large units so you can choose the one that suits your space. As you make the purchasing decision, you should consider the correct coverage of the room.

20 Top Air Purifier Brands With Small Descriptions

All air purifiers are boiled down to one main purpose. To purify the indoor air by filtering it from the bad microbes and bacteria present in the mass. But not all air purifiers are designed and formulated to deliver the best filtering system and purified procedures to give indoors the best air quality. Here are the top 20 air purifier brands for a holistic quality of life indoors:

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1. Holmes is a proven brand that ensures clean indoor air quality for your homes, offices, living and habitable spaces. Their models include engineered filters, humidifiers, and fans. Holmes air purifier units give the best comfort and cleanliness that you can rely on.


2. Rabbit Air comes with a medical grade of IQAir standard air purifiers that is the competitive edge of this brand. Hence, the models are power-saving and generate substantial power for the cooling and fan features.


3. BlueAir is reviewed by users to have a high quality and performance when it comes to the air filtration process and cooling indoor air. It is also power-saving, smartly-design, and with smart features. This brand is proven to have worked satisfactorily in highly-polluted areas like China and India.


4. Honeywell air purifier brand is known to have its power compensate for the design and features. Honeywell has air purifier models with diverse capabilities from low-range to commercial to engineering and aerospace levels of performance. One of its remarkable designs is the classic and simple filtering inputs.


5. Levoit is one of the best-selling air purifiers of high-quality performance that has quiet functions, power-saving capacity, and modern design. Some of their products are also low-budget. The brand also sells Salt Lamps which is both lighting fixture and acts as a humidifier.


6. Coway envisions delivering a quality of life to their customers. Hence, its most iconic features the tested with Breathe Quality Wire Cutter and come out to be the overall best air purifier for those in low-range level. It is also reputed to have good customer service and modern design with its device.


7. Austin Air is one of the most popular brands to have the best medical grade air purifying system. Its designs and feature come with the science of 15 lb. activated carbon and 60 sq. ft. True HEPA. This brand is reviewed to have quality and satisfactory performance with impressively silent and well-built durable products.


8. The GermGuardian air purifiers have the technology of Ultraviolet Rays and sanitizers to humidify the atmosphere. This brand also comes with oil diffusers that have the best quality performance. GermGuardian air purifiers are also backed by the science of True HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and UV light filters certified to fight and eliminate contaminants.


9. The unique Korean Air Filtration Technology Winix uses the PlasmaWave technology that produces positive and negative ions designated to work through their specific purposes and capacities in purifying the air. Plasmawave acts similarly to the capabilities of Ionic filter and True HEPA filters.


10. Another brand that is supported by the principles and technological engineering of True HEPA Filters is the ALEN air purifier brand. This brand is reputed to have worked with high-quality performance, power-saving, and smart design features.


11. Sharp has been an existent appliances brand globally for a long period of time. Sharp air purifiers use the Plasmacutter technology that generates ions for its air-purifying agent. Ions have been believed to keep the ozone and atmospheric concentration in the safest conditions and standards that actively kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.


12. Philips is another appliance brand that has proven its state-of-the-art quality and performance. For its air purifier units and models, True HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters are the technologies and scientific formulas used.


13. Whirlpool is also a trusted brand that you can consider especially with air purifiers. Their units are powered by the technologies of True HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters that are reputed to work in great quality of performance. Whirlpool’s air purifiers are specified to have very satisfactory-working fans and the overall devices are of great energy.


14. Oransi is well-recommended by experts that their models perform with great power and are durable. They have impressive air filtration according to some users and still use the technology of True HEPA and Carbon filter with their devices.


15. AeraMax is a competitive brand in the market as their air purifier technology comes with the approaches of smartly-designed features. This brand also has an Asthma and Allergy-Friendly certification. The devices are also proved to have less to zero harmful effects on ozone emission.


16. A trusted brand in the air purifier industry is AllerAir which does not only goals to remove bad particles in the air, but also to fight airborne chemicals that may be equally harmful to people. This technology and formulation is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and is used across all their units. Their devices’ bodies are made from durable metals which imply lasting conditions.


17. Dyson has its iconic designs to consider. Its air purifiers are revied to be of high-performance in fan cooling and quality air filtration. Dyson air purifiers also function with heating and cooling features in some of its models. Even with its great performing function, it keeps impressively quiet operations.


18. Boneco is known to be a high-end air purifier brand that is reputed with its hybrid models that come with air purifiers and humidifiers all in one device. It is guaranteed and reviewed to be of high power by customers and has a quiet operation to consider.


19. Trusens is powered by advanced technology systems that are built with great designs, smart features, and a SensorPod. Its devices are durable and lightweight.


20. This company is under the review of Energy Star and AHAM to get a certificate of state-of-the-art air purifiers. These Filtrete devices are built with thick HEPA filters that are tested and proven to filter out 99.97% of airborne particles of up to 0.3 microns.

For more information about these brands and other details on what to look for in an air purifier that is fit for your needs, see this link: and

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